Subjects moms once thought were useless

Son:  I ate four chicken nuggets. Can I be done?
Mom:  I gave you six nuggets.  There are four nuggets left.  That means you only ate two.  Keep eating.
ZhuZhu Pet Ramp Assembly Instructions:  Step 12.  Assemble the tunnel tops by pressing one hinge post into matching hinge notch on the tunnel section and then snap in the other hinge.
Silly putty + fleece = hardened vomit-looking stain.  Add vegetable oil + laundry detergent and water = fleece without silly putty.
To remove an oval-shaped object (head of a 5-year-old) from a rectangle (space between two stair railings), turn sideways and pull back with force.
Word Problems
A car leaves the garage at 6:45 a.m. carrying two children, ages 3 and 5.  It travels five miles at 35 mph because of rush hour traffic, and spends an extra ten minutes waiting at red lights.  It waits in line at the drop-off for the school for 20 minutes, and then accelerates to 60 mph to rush off to the day care.  If the car travels another ten miles, what time does the driver arrive at work?
–C.J. Ragsdale, April 2013

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